Types of the Tantric

Massages: there are non-alcoholic drinks according to the offer and time of massage, clean towels, dressing gown and rubbers at disposal.

Tantric ritual

The tantric ritual is the tasting of the Tantric massage. It is the classical massage without final massage of yoni or lingam. It is composed of the beginning ritual, of the massage with hot face-clothes, of soft skin dryness, faning, smoothing with feathers and fur and of soft oil relaxation massage. By the longer massage there can be added the massage of hands, foods and the antistress massage of head and face.

Basic Tantric massage

You have to take nothing for the Tantric massage. We give you the posibility to take a shower before the massage. After it the introductory dating conversation will be followed. It is instrumental for familiarization of both parts. You will be informed about the procedure of the massage during this interview and the masseur or the masseuse will answer your questions. The interview takes 15 – 30 minutes and it is sweetened with trinking of delicious tea. After this time and mutual agreement the massage can start. The massage is performed on a soft mattress on the floor without clothes, only with the long scarf, called sarong, which is tied around the body. The Tantric ritual begins by the standing position, where we join our hands for a short time and we coordinate with the mutual look into the eyes. After the beginning ritual the recipient and the giving take down the scarf and the recipient lie down on his stomach and he is covered with the scarf. The giving, it means the masseur, is fully tuden to the recipient and he chooses with due diligence such Tantric techniques with a view to evoke maximal relaxation of the recipient. It starts with various smoothing techniques or massages over scarf. After follow-up, very fine exposure of the recipient starts the soaking part. With the help of hot towels, which are applied step by step to the whole body, the whole body is soaked, the whole organism becomes quiter, and the muscular stress strains softening. The technique of smoothing with feathers, peltry, soft scarves and so on helps to deepen the relaxation of the whole pleasure. It follows the main oil part, where the whole body will be massaged with the maximal tenderness. By the classical Tantric massage there will be massaged only the part around the genitals. The similar procedure will be followed after turning to the back. The end of the massage is always intuitively felt by the masseur. After finishing of the massage you can stay at rest here and let flow the energy according to your needs. In this part there is possible the final interview for communication of your experiences, eventuely for explanation of feelings during the massage. After the Tantric ritual you can take a shower or you can let absorb the oil. The whole Tantric ritual takes place in a shadows of candles, by the soft tones of relaxing music.

Antistress Tantric

Hang the worries of workdays and relax in our oasis of rest. By antistress Tantric you will enjoy beautiful relaxation and stress washing away from your body. This Tantric massage includes the pleasant Indian head massages that will be focused on your aching neck, we will continue over the cantle to the temples and we will finish this massage with the soft massage of intimate parts. Essential aroma oils of your choice smell the room and evoke a pleasant atmosphere. It is the right for the overworked businessmen and clients, which need more unblocking in the places, where the mental stress and stress are unlocked. There is the possibility of massage by happy life light, which has the same effect as sunlights and releases endorfines.

Hawaiian Tantric

Amazing and unique combination of the Tantric massage with the selected elements of a relaxing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. As the classical Tantric massage this massage begins with the ritual too, with using of hot face-clothes and then the hot oil massage with the Hawaiian elements follows. The Hawaiian massage is very pleasant, fluent, soft and deep at the same time. By the massage will be used the whole forearm. The rhythm of the massage is varied and should imitate the Hawaiian sea. The experience is magnified thanks exotic aroma of massage oils. The most used oil is coconut oil. This is very pleasing and massaging enriching procedure that doesn´t leave any part of your body. The masseuse wears only Hawaiian skirt and wreath.

Tantric massage - hot body

The massage includes:
Short starting sitting with the masseuse and presentation of the whole massages procedure. Relaxation bath according to the offer or visit of infrasauna. It includes the Tantric massage with the using of lava stones and very pleasant massage with using of hot oil from the massage candle (suitable and effective therapy by problems with back, neck and shoulderns and ache of them), anti-stress head massage.During the whole massage can be warmed the feet with the special infra-red lamp, which has positive effect to all reflex zones. The intimate Tantric massage. During the final relaxation the client can use healthy light, which replaces the sunlights that we miss in the spring (hereat serotonin will be released and the mental resistance to stress will be better). Shower at the end of the massage.

Tantric massage - intimity

Tantric massages can have many faces and this soft and caring Tantric massage intimity is one of them. Enjoy the fun and healing touch and discover the new dimension of loving acceptance and pleasure. This massage is exclusively for men who have too much sexual energy and don´t last the wonderful feeling of ecstasy till the end. The massage of lingam will be done twice or will be connected with the massage of prostate. After agreement with the client can be this massage combinated with the very soft, healing and pleasant massage of prostate.

Tantric massage - body touch

Everything here by us is beautiful, lovely, relaxing and pleasant... but who wants to enjoy something really special, very exciting and energizing, we advice you definitely... try our massage body touch.

Body touch is definitely the most intensive, most haunted and most popular massage that can be offered in the frame of the Tantric massage. It connects the erotic soft, sensitivity and beauty of the naked female body, but it is herewith deeply relaxing and includes relaxing elements, which open body and spirit. It puts more emphasis on dynamics, excitement and sexual tension.

During the massage the masseuse stripps down the scarf and uses to the massage not only both hands, but the whole body too. It is the most intensive and the intimest feeling that you can have by the Tantric massage. You will feel a huge increase of energy in the body that goes over to the wonderful and healthy stadium of fully harmony and felicity. The client and the masseuse are compeer in their nakedness in the ecstatic experience of the body touch massage as Adam and Eve from Paradise... You will not want to leave.:-) After the massage is recommended the sleep mode, the effects of massage can last for a longer time.

Unbridled Tantric massage

Each of us has or has had in the past secret hot erotic dreams, what would it be if... It was exciting to watch the exciting scenes in the movie, where one person was avoided to move, was fasten, completely devoted, could only helplessly stand by or not even that... could only tensely look forward, what is going to happen with him... This is by itself very hot fantasy, and if we add the fact, that the beautiful woman wields power over you and that she manages the magic of the Tantric massage with her body, then it is as a fruition of your most fantastic lusts and wishes... Our whole life is full of contrasts. As there is day and night, white and black, love and hate, se we commonly meet in our life submissiveness and dominance. Even it is the welcomed part and spice of our life and of human relations for many of us. This massage can be experiment, guarantee of coming or gradation of the exciting, or even unblocking of stress from job or daily life. You can stop playing of rehearsed roles here, discard the mask that is required from the society and you can be what you really are, without judging and shame. Each of us is an amazing original, relaxes differently, and this massage can be the way, how to release stress, clear your head, charge the body with energy and joy of life. In any case it is trying and spending of new feeling, which aren´t quite common. Using of specific accessory, avoiding of moving and blindfolding intensify all experiences maximal. Automatically will be associated other senses, attention will be paid only to the body, touch, intensity and experience. There will be released adrenalin and similar substances into the blood, which brings different feelings, graduation of exciting and full experience of current moment. You don´t enjoy this effect by any other massage. Of course, this massage has its own rules and limits. If you feel that it is not the right for you, will the massage moved to the level of the classical Tantric massage. You needn´t to be worry about it, that something will be happened against your own will, this massage stays in the form of the Tantric massage still. It means, that the joy and happiness of every man who is massaged, is on the top. In any case you don´t find here any SM tools or direct sexual practices... it´s like a beautiful dream.

Tantrick ritual night

This version of the Tantric is ideal for beginners, women and more sensible people. It will be done in the evening or in the night with minimal lighting, so that it will be most pleasant for the client. Darkness increases your sensitivity, perception of other senses and relaxes the body. You enjoy the massage much more. You can choose bath with various herbs and essences - see Bath. After the complete and perfect warming of the body there will be stepped to the Tantric massage.

Royal welness Tantric massage

We prepared an amazing ROYAL MASAGGE for our dear customer. This massage is full of hugging and relaxation. Our pretty masseuses welcome you with the refreshments and after the opening interview they prepare for you the aroma bath full of exciting aromas that fascinate your senses. The masseuse will wash your back (if you wish it) and talk with you. It is possible to spend any time in infra-sauna too. We have prepared a special honey, which released your sinus, if we spread it on your chest, and smells and detoxifies. This relaxation is ideal for clients that are not in hurry and want to meet the masseuse and get to know her better, but for client too who lust for quite, nonrecurring and suggestive experience... Who would not feel once in the life like a king :) After the starting joint relaxation (bath or infra-sauna) you can enjoy touches and smoothing by the massage that smooths your body and soul and perfectly releases your tired muscles. The masseuse will warm up you, massage you, tickle and scratch you and will use lava stones and will play with your hair. In this long and sensual massage the masseuse will do different massages technics according to your wishes. At the end of this beautiful experience there is included the longer massage of lingam or yoni that leads you into the perfect joy and relayxing.

Soft and smoothing massage

Soft and smoothing massage is very pleasant and playful massage full of lovely touches. If you love the feeling when your hair on the back bristles and if you adore the freezen vibrations on the whole body then is this massage ideal for you. Smoothing, scratching and pitting know the most of people from the common life, but not everybody enjoy it at home and it is the reason, why we are here! Don´t hesitate and come to us to let hug yourselve. This massage doesn´t include the intimate part and it is the reason, why we recommend it to women that need relax and smoothing. Men needn´t to be sad, because you can pay the massage of intimate parts whenever. The massage will be done in sarong and if you pay the intimate massage, the masseuse has exposed breast. This massage includes the soft massage of neck and problematic parts with using of herbst essences ageinst stiffness and for muscles regeneration.

Huggig packet with*(asterisk): ideal for women

Please close your eys for a moment after finishing of this text reading. Invoke in yourselve memories and desires from your jean-age. As you thirsted for great feeling to be a queen of somebody´s world… To be attractive, votary and one and only. To be in in the safe arms of your prince, who belongs only to you. And you to him. In disregard of the outside world, it seems to stand still. Add to this your current needs of erotic passion, real touch, hug, stroke and cuddle. But it is no go in this way. The daily life is about responsibilities, worries and “normal” pleasures. Sometimes any nice sex, pleasant compliment and smile, conversation… but the life goes by without any amazing extazes. Do you live any abnormal moments? How is your life, when you know that they exist, but they pass by you? Do you still believe in love? What is the measure of love – intensity or period? Let us together enjoy this moment, I compensate you years of neglect… Unlimited what you may, you open your heart and you will be my and I yours. You will be the one and only women for me in the whole world and we never forget it. I will be your oasis in your life… and you my drug.

The fourth dimension of Tantric massage

The fourth dimension isn´t any Tantric sex or practice, how the clients ask per phone :-).

The fourth dimension is is a metaphor for space outside the normal level of perception and experience. It is the place where we receive energy, where we regenerate, touch our dreams and feel our mission in our life. It is the holistic sense of the Tantric massage where we create the space for creation of healthy changeover state of consciousness. We support contact establishment with deeper sources of our own energy and advanced intelligence. We strengthen our creativity and joy of life.

During the massage we attend to energy cultivation, regeneration and connection with the source of own inspiration. It is very intense and effective massage, which performs massage of ears, eyes, mouth and nose. It cannot be described, you have to experience it! This massage evokes a state of very deep relaxation and elemental release. The touch is soft and sensitive. The massage evokes the feelings of deep intimacy, turn to onw inside and intensify of contact with yourselfe. You need more time for this massage and to have more time after the massage… to let enjoy the healthy effects… This massage is instructed by the school Tantraworld…

Four hand Tantric massage

This massage is for those who are not satisfied with touches of one masseuse and want to be surrounded by pretty women. During the massage someone will touch you and smooth you and you will feel the quickly surge of energy and you will be full of exciting and relaxation. The masseuses will smooth you, hug you and play with your body and your senses and you can drift along and enjoy the massage fully. It is possible to connect this four hand massage with the body touch massage and you will be on the top of well-being and full of energy for long time. If it isn´t enough for you, you can order six hand massage, but you will not ever want to leave and you will be crazy with delight.

Pair Tantric massage

It is specified for couples who wish to diversify and enrich their sexuality and realize their dreams or only spend nice time of relaxation in pair. The massage will be done in roomy and withal cozy room, and the couple will be massaged from own masseur or masseuse. The massage can be done separately. It is possible to choose mixed couple (masseur und masseuse) or two masseuses. The women will be massaged from Iveta, Petra or Karolína or from Jakub and Jirka. If you order massage Body Touch or Tantric 90 minutes or more, you can improve the free relaxation after the massage in the sauna or in the form of herbst bath for 30 minutes.

Massage of prostate or rosete

(only as a part of the Tantric massage)

Massages for Lovers with erotic touch

The masseuses massage naked and the massages doesn´t include intimate parts. It is possible to pay extra the massage of intimate parts in the amount of 1500CZK. You can choose this variant during the massage too. It is massage of both partners and it is on them which type of massage they choose (e.g. Hawaiian massage with lava stones, chocolate massage, winter warming massage, combined massage etc.). The couple will be massaged in absolute quit privacy from two masseuses or from mixed couple. The massage is done in the romantic, oriental harmonized room on Japanese futons (similar to comfortable mattresses) that are flowering with roses and it is done by the lights of candles and smell of aroma essences. After the massage the couple can use the relaxing room with refreshments, bathroom and sauna for the next 30 – 60 minutes.

Aroma baths

Already our parentage used the gifts of the nature because of their healthy power. They known the influence of herbs to the human organism and they were able to use them in their profit. The herbs baths are mixed from many types of medicinal herbs, and it is the reason why they have great effect in the therapeutic area. They lies during your bath in the grey bags with them the masseuse can do very pleasant massage. The whole bath is intensified with the wonderful smell of summer herbs and the healthy essences will be absorbed directly into the skin and the blood circulation of your body. They also influence your nervous system and respiratory system through inhalation. You can choose two types of baths:

Regeneration bath

Everyone, who doesn´t avoid the physical effort, knows how the muscles can pain. It is the reason why this bath exists. It releases the muscular stress and regenerates the whole body. Ingredients: sage, plantain, hop.

Relaxing bath

You needn´t to be sports or physically active and nevertheless you can feel tired, run-down and without good feeling. For these cases we prepared this relaxing bath for you. It has positive effect for elimination of stress, mental strain and releases muscles of the whole body. Ingredients: mint, balm, agrimony, meadow-sweet, calendula and hop.

Stimulation bath

If you are run-down, have acute or chronic state of exhausting, or if you need to better your state of mind, we offer you the mixture of stimulation herbs. The bath has a positive effect on organism stimulation).

Ingredients: mint, agrimony, thyme, meadow-sweet, tea-tree.

Movement bath

More and more people suffer from arthritis or rheumatism. Painful joints can bring really big trouble. We warmly recommend this bath for analgesia.

Ingredients: thyme, mint, sage, birch, angelica, tee-tree

These baths have their origin in spa Mšené

Aphrodisiac Ylang bath

Ylang-ylang is a tropical tree and in translation it is mean “flower of flowers”. The oil will be produced from freshly collected flowers that smell wonderful – they are spread out on the bed during the wedding night in Indonesia. It has calming effect for the skin. It reduces nervous strain, has antidepressant and aphrodisiac properties.

Original beer bath

It has a high content of beer and of vitamins B, contains naturally almond oil. It is ideal for everyday use. 15 minute bath evokes feelings of relaxation and well-being and supports regeneration of the whole organism. It softens and moisturizes the skin. Particularly it is ideal for dry skin that tends to peel, crack and itch. It regenerates skin that is burned from sunlight.

Natural mineral salt from the Dead Sea

It contains minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea - magnesium, kalium, natrium, calcium, chlorine, bromine, iodine etc., which have positive effect on the whole body, especially on the nervous system. The salt from the Dead Sea is well known for its extraordinary regenerative effects on the skin and body.

Bio humic and aromatic bath

- harmonize particular organs and thereby support harmonization of the whole body - accelerates regeneration of the damaged tissue due to aromatic oil - supports blood circulation in the skin and joints - warms up the blood circulation, which mobilizes the immune system and helps to oxygenates the cells - has detoxicant effect - positively influences the metabolism and central nervous system – it is excellent helper by starting or advanced flu, colds or catarrh

This excellent bath has its origin in the thermal Podhajská

Infrarot sauna

We all know what effect have sunshine and the sun at all over us. Without the sun there would be no life on Earth. Infrared saunas work on the same principles, it means they emit infrared rays, which penetrate through the skin to the cells in the dermis, where they are very efficiently absorbed. The tissue is hereby warms up and the blood circulation increases, while the level of lactic acid is reduced. The lactic acid accumulates in the muscles and causes muscle pain by hard muscles activity. It also stimulates the production of so-called happiness hormones - endorphins. Particularly they penetrate into the cells that detoxify, improve lymphatic and blood circulation. It is therefore evident that the infrared saunas have very beneficial effects for the human body. Well, infrared therapy (heat therapy) was known three thousand years ago in ancient China, when the Chinese attributed palms on the body.

Escort massages

For our regular clients or couples we also offer the possibility to have a massage in the comfortable surroundings of your home or hotel. In this way we offer fourth hand massages or couple massages (always two masseuses). Price for coming to you is 1000 CZK. This is not erotic.

It is also possible to arrive in your social events (e.g. golf, birthday parties etc.) and to diversify your event with the pleasant Tantric massage. It is possible to order this service outside of Prague too. If you have bigger order, we arrive to you free of charge.

We can issue invoices for your company if needed.