Procedure of massage

What is the procedure of the Tantric massage?

You have to take nothing for the Tantric massage. We give you the posibility to take a shower before the massage. After it the introductory dating conversation will be followed. It is instrumental for familiarization of both parts. You will be informed about the procedure of the massage during this interview and the masseur or the masseuse will answer your questions. The interview is sweetened with trinking of delicious tea. After this time and mutual agreement the massage can start. The massage is performed on a soft mattress on the floor without clothes, only with the long scarf, called sarong, which is tied around the body. The Tantric ritual begins by the standing position, where we join our hands for a short time and we coordinate with the mutual look into the eyes. After the beginning ritual the recipient and the giving take down the scarf and the recipient lie down on his stomach and he is covered with the scarf. The giving, it means the masseur, is fully tuden to the recipient and he chooses with due diligence such Tantric techniques with a view to evoke maximal relaxation of the recipient. It starts with various smoothing techniques or massages over scarf. After follow-up, very fine exposure of the recipient starts the soaking part. With the help of hot towels, which are applied step by step to the whole body, the whole body is soaked, the whole organism becomes quiter, and the muscular stress strains softening. The technique of smoothing with feathers, peltry, soft scarves and so on helps to deepen the relaxation of the whole pleasure. It follows the main oil part, where the whole body will be massaged with the maximal tenderness. By the classical Tantric massage there will be massaged only the part around the genitals. The similar procedure will be followed after turning to the back. The end of the massage is always intuitively felt by the masseur. After finishing of the massage you can stay at rest here and let flow the energy according to your needs. In this part there is possible the final interview for communication of your experiences, eventuely for explanation of feelings during the massage. After the Tantric ritual you can take a shower or you can let absorb the oil. The whole Tantric ritual takes place in a shadows of candles, by the soft tones of relaxing music.

Massage of yoni and lingam

Yoni and lingam are Sanskrit names of female and male genitals. The massage of yoni and lingam can continue after the classical Tantric massage and in case, that the client orders it, it is done at the end of the whole massage. It is possible to take on and to get maximum energy during this massage. Familiarly told, extort maximum of it. The main effect of this massage should by to enjoy unprecedented and unknown feelings. Foregoing fact, that you can put

brain only yourselve by the intimate massage, moves this whole feeling to the unknown level, which you don´t reach in the common daily life. It allows you to clear out lots of blocks, that you received during your life und which protect you to suffer the true and nature sexual energy. The big benefit of this massage is the whole harmonization of sexual energetic centres and regeneration of genitals. By this massage the masseur or the masseuse take great care with love to the externalia and internalia. The massage is very soft and fine, you feel it as a long energizing touch. Here is the rule again, that the client can choose the depth of the experience and it helps to progressional opening-up of himselve and therapeutics of himselve. The massage can be stopped any time, it depends on the clients feelings.