Gift certifikates

Patterns of gifts certificates with are specified for the Tantric massages. You can choose and order other types on-line through gift shop (e-shop): (issue and complaint of gift certificates is governed by business conditions that are presented in the gift shop).

In this week we draw certificates only from preprinted patterns or patterns for next writing and we can send them electronically per e-mail if you send the payment to the account (we provide in this case rabatte 10% by all massages and procedures, if you require it).

Gift certificates for: massage, massages, Tantric massage, Tantric massages, Tantric massage for men, Tantric massages for women, Pair Tantric massages, Tantric courses, for relax and rest.

Gift certificate for the Tantric massage in the duration of…. hours

Gift certificate for the Tantric massage in the price of