CONTRAINDICATION is the situation, when massage should not be performed (total = absolute) or it isn´t possible to massage any parts of body (local = relative).


* by heart diseases * by generalized tumor diseases * by atherosclerotic illness * by diseases of the abdominal cavity, that are combined with irritation or abdominal apoplexy (appendicitis, adnexitis, cholecystitis, bilious ulcer, duodenal ulcer, tumors of digestive tract) * by injury of the abdominal cavity * by major bleeding disorders (haemophilia, leucemia) * by fever, infectious or acute inflammatory diseases * by state which needs bedrest and after recent operation * by total physical overfatigue or descrepitude * by breakdown of vital organs * by acute psychosis and by impaired, intoxicated and under the thumb of psychotropic substance


* in places of suppurative diseases or acaulinosis * in places of relaxed joints (acrorrheuma, decompensated arthritis, acute bout days) * in of bleeding injury, of gaping wounds or sizable bruised wounds and fractures * in places of animalbite or snakebite * in places of burns, scalds or burned area on skin * in places of k varicose veins (varixes), phlebitis or venous ulcerations * in places of oncoides, that have dim origin * in places of enlarged local nodules, tumours, warts, birthmarks, angry or ulcer afektion * abdomen of teemer and women in childbed and during menses * abdomen by acute gall disorders * abdomen by stubborn congestion, by laxation or by unemptied urinary bladder