Welcome to our web-sites, which are specialized for popular Tantric massages, relaxation massages and romantic massages with the light touch of erotic. These massages are suitable for men, women and couples.

Special offers and discount

Our offer is more varied. You can find by us other types of massages from health through to various oriental aroma and anti-stress massages, where are used hot lava stones. The various types of massages are available at: www.raj-masazi.cz (Currently we have prepared interesting discounts for you). Our massage center is among first salons that officially began to offer the tantric massages on a high professional level.

We also offer gift vouchers for our massages. You can order them on-line through www.darky-z-raje.cz

Let´s go out all worries from your head, free yourselves from the hectic lifestyle full of unwished worries and come to us to relax and to draw new fresh energy. To improve the quality of our services, we accept under certain conditions not only cash payments, but vouchers relax, gastro, flexi pass from the company Sodexho and Cheque Dejeune too..